In a short series of posts, I talk about revisiting a few topics I’ve left behind over the years. Lets start with training and certifications, for new and established DBAs.Read More →

The last time I did something you might call pretty stupid was when I started my previous job, freshly minted in a support role. I had to update the encrypted password field of a single user. I forgot the WHERE clause. I updated about 15,000 passwords with the same value. Oops. Quite an impression to make within your first week on the job. These days I’m responsible for quite a bit more, if I screw up, it’s going to be significantly more troubling. That day finally came on Tuesday, when I deleted a SharePoint content database from the live server, believing I was deleting itRead More →

The obligatory first post, complete with awkward moment of not having a clue what to write… I started this blog because many people inspired me to, or downright actively encouraged it. I’d like to take a moment to call them out, because why not? Chrissy LeMaire of dbatools Rob Sewell Steph Locke Andrew Pruski Alex Yates Constantine Cokkinos Andy Mallon Shawn Melton Chris Sommer Gianluca Sartori Shane O’Neill Cláudio Silva That’s already a pretty long list, it’s not even complete. If I were to list all of the people who have directly helped me get to this point in life, I would be here allRead More →